All Titan Forge undead miniatures for games similar to Warhammer - undead giants, horses, chariots and dragons. Undead miniature collection with Egyptian themes and vampire lords theme. Zombie figurines for sale in a great price.

Undead fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Units in this fantasy collection represent undead hordes - zombie miniatures, skeleton miniatures, and more. Entire troops for miniature vampires army in every wargaming system. Miniatures from Titan Forge makes unique undead minis for tabletop games.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Vampire heroes and undead heroes miniatures for wargamers. Looking for a lich model, a necromancer model, or a vampire miniature near me and for sale? Get cheap undead and vampire miniatures at Titan Forge.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Undead chariot miniatures and undead warmachine miniatures in 28mm wargaming scale. Best warmachine miniatures that you can buy cheap and with fast shipping. Warmachine models for painting, your personal undead hordes.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Vampires bring to life a huge set of monster miniatures to use in any wargaming army. Undead giant models and a collection of beast minis that bring terror to the tabletop. Assemble, paint, and play games!</p>

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