Ogre Pirates! Dedicated size and scale ogre miniatures for 28mm games from Titan Forge Kickstarter. Special edition set of ogre figures with a distinctive pirate theme for your collection. Ogres with cannons, ogre pistols, ogre beasts.

Ogres fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Ogre Pirates come with a variety of wargaming units and troops. Bloodsail Island contains fantasy ogre miniatures with different versions and poses for the ultimate tabletop experience. Gather your crew and get it ready for gaming.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Heroes from the Bloodsail Island collection come in many forms. Ogre Pirate miniatures include captains, conquistadors, standard bearers, bards, and ogre warriors. This entire set is ready to be recruited and incorporated into your unique army.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Ogre Warmachines are one of the most beautifully sculpted resin miniatures created by Titan Forge in 28mm scale. Alligators, Crocodiles, Komodo Dragons used as chariots and cannons are what make this model collection authentically special.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Monster miniatures play an important part in wargames including Kings of War, Age of Sigmar, Lord of the Rings, Frostgrave, Mordheim, A Song of Ice and Fire, Elder Scrolls, and more. Ogre miniatures are coming soon!</p>

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Is Bloodsail Island a Titan Forge collection?

Bloodsail Island is one of the first fantasy lines created by Titan Forge. The ultimate success of this collection was identified when countless Ogre players brought Titan Forge’s version of ogres to wargaming tournaments around the world. The miniatures have truly shined on the tables and the reception was spectacular with everyone asking where they can also get these crocodile riding, chunky miniatures. This unique take that has maintained the fantasy style of ogres is what has really put Titan Forge on the map for many hobbyists. Since then, Titan Forge has created more Ogre miniatures for the Bloodsail Island lines and the fans are always back for another batch.

What miniatures are in the Ogre collection at Titan Forge?

The Bloodsail Ogres is a line of pirate-themed ogres which are quite unique in the current environment. In this collection, you will find the ogre crew, including the captains, crewmen, and deckhands. The Ogre chariots have been reimagined as gator riding squads emerging from the water which has brought the hobbyists an opportunity to make a single-model diorama from regular units. Bloodsail Ogres also maintain a heavy voodoo swamp theme, with miniatures like Shooshaka and Burbakka. But the ogres also maintain relationships with some unlikely allies. The Goblins are employed as regular deckhands, and you will find a whole range of both solid warriors and quirky characters among the goblins. Finally, the crocodiles and even komodo dragons themselves are aiding the Ogres in their battle. Be sure to check out this original collection.

Are any new Ogres available at Titan Forge?

Since the first release of Bloodsail Island, Titan Forge has been adding new Ogres to this collection. The massive reinforcements have arrived in the Raid on the Temple of Serpents campaign including the massive Captain Krabor riding the giant crab and Komodo Riders All the models in this range are now created with 3d printing instead of injection molding. With the rise of Bloodfields and Bloodsail Ogres becoming a separate army in this system, new models in this army have been emerging and there are many more to come.

Are fantasy Ogres a popular army in wargaming?

Ogres were always present in the world of wargaming, oftentimes paired with goblins as their support. Interesting rules and in-your-face playstyle have made them popular among the players who enjoyed the fun aspect of gaming, even making them a strong viable choice depending on the meta. Titan Forge was the first to create a pirate ogre line and since then many other companies have tried to repeat this success. With all the miniatures and cool designs in circulation, every new system features ogres in some way or another, making the ogre miniatures a top choice among wargamers.