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Bloodmoon Bay

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Welcome to Bloodmoon Bay. Nautical home of the pirates and mystic falls that turn people into shapeshifters. Werewolf miniatures from Beastshape Tribes reign the land and Ogre miniatures from Bloodsail Ogres control the sea.

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  • Bloodsail Ogres
    <p>Get your ogre pirate miniatures right here in the Bloodsail Ogres Bloodfields set. The pirate crew models and ogre minis are perfect for gaming in Bloodfields as well as for painting, display, and other wargames.</p>
  • Beastshape Tribe
    <p>Werewolf miniatures, shapeshifter miniatures, and all kinds of feral were-animals can be found in the Beastshape Tribe army for Bloodfields. Get the models of weremammoth, werehyena, werepanther, werebadger, and more. Unique collection for Titan Forge's Bloodfields.</p>

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