Futuristic TCPD police miniatures for all ranks and functions. Sci-fi police models dedicated to GridWars. Resin minis of police officers, police force, and law enforcement. Protect the city and neutralize bad guys with this sci-fi collection.

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What does TCPD in GridWars stand for?

TCPD stands for Titan City Police Department. Like most institutions in the future universes, it is fully privatized and often serves other purposes than law enforcement for the community. On the other hand, future police models are equipped with technological advancements and their gear can endure even the harshest riots. The [police force, on top of regular cop miniatures, employs robocops, specialized mechs, and cybernetic investigators to put the villains to rest. In the future, gangs and vigilantes are running rampant, so the TCPD is an elite organization that serves and protects. Admittedly, their main priority is helping out the biggest sponsors, despite the community outreach programs and squads dedicated to patrolling the poorer neighborhoods, the injustice is noticeable and revolting. Still, using these great police models n GridWars brings a punch and opens a lot of possibilities for roster creation and strategy.

How many miniatures are there in TCPD?

Titan City Police Department faction is packed with police-themed sci-fi miniatures with over twenty original models to choose from. In the force, you will find sci-fi police officer miniatures and police droid models that serve as front-line disposable squads. Going further, you will find the police miniatures that represent the higher-ups in the organization. There is a commissioner mini, a lieutenant model, and a sci-fi prosecutor figure. TCPD also has access to cybernetic reinforcements including mechanical spider miniatures, mecha dogs, and cyborg elite units designated for special tasks. Most miniatures in this collection are equipped with ranged weapons, like police-issued pistols and rifles. Some miniatures also come with an alternative version with a bike that has its own bike rule described in the GridWars rulebook.

Is TCPD a powerful GridWars faction?

The mechanics used in the TCPD faction greatly affect the gameplay of this faction. Every time an enemy deals damage to one of the TCPD units, they receive a Wanted Token. For each token, when the unit with the token is attacked, the policemen can reroll 1 attack die in their rolls. The Wanted Tokens stack and there are also other effects that apply them, so serial offenders will be in some serious trouble when dealing with the police force. They might have to lay low for a bit and wait until the Wanted Tokens fade out before getting back into action. Another prominent mechanic used in TCPD is Banding. Although the Band is universal for the entire GridWars system, TCPD has the most band units that it can utilize. Band units consist of more than one model. The models do not have to be located close to each other but they are all activated in the same turn and they share the actions. Sending full bands against the enemies is always a good idea when they do not have any area-of-effect attacks and have to deal with them one by one.

What is unique about the sci-fi police miniatures at Titan Forge?

Cyber Forge has really outdone itself when creating the police line for GridWars. The most important factor during the design phase was finding a distinctive style for all the members of TCPD with unique roles. At first sight, you can really tell the difference between an ordinary cop and the higher-ups, both in terms of their equipment and their posture. There were not many attempts yet to depict a futuristic police department and its units so this collection is perfect for everyone looking for RPG models for their sessions. In many sci-fi RPGs, the motive of investigation and police work in the futuristic setup is a great idea for a captivating adventure that RPG players will enjoy. During the development of this range, we have also paid special attention to the police models’ armor that has to often endure gunshots and other attempts at their life. Thanks to the fact that these units are so well protected, they will also serve as a great addition to armies in wargaming battles. Check out the range and all the interesting sculpts to find inspiration for your collection.