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Ogre Cook

RPG model of Ogre Cook - tavern chef NPC. An enormous character with a giant cleaver, apron, chef's hat, and a handkerchief around its neck. Carrying utensils and kitchen equipment: ladle, knife, and spoons. Perfect for an inn setting or cannibal...
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What is an NPC miniature?

NPC is short for a non-player character. In every game, including RPGs, there is a clear distinction between the characters impersonated by players and all the other characters with whom the players may interact. Typically, the roles of NPCs are played by a dungeon master who can use them to create an interesting narrative. NPCs can play small parts in adventures, like a bartender or a shopkeeper that supplies the main characters. Other times, friendly NPCs will join the players in their quests and aid them in battle and fulfilling their mission. NPCs also make for great adversaries as an interesting villain will always be central to a memorable story. The number of NPCs used in a game will often vary but using many diverse characters is always a great idea and so is using the NPC miniatures that represent them.

Can I get NPC models at Titan Forge?

Titan Forge offers a great range of NPC miniatures for RPG players and RPG adventures. Browsing through this fantasy category will not only let you find a suitable figurine for your carefully written character but it will also inspire you to implement new ones. Our goal when sculpting miniatures is for them to instantly click when you see them. A great figure will write its story itself right when you see it. Thanks to that, your RPG adventures will have compelling side missions and arcs. At Titan Forge, NPC characters are created with the same dedication as the heroes because we feel that all elements equally add up to a successful session.

How to use NPC figures in RPGs?

It is always an amazing effect when players encounter a new, important NPC and there is a miniature that you can present to them. Players will instantly get their own ideas about how this new character can be approached, how they feel about them, and how they will interact with them. When players get their own associations with an NPC, the story tends to go off the script, building the world beyond what is given. This effect is what players often seek in games. Moreover, especially with the NPCs that join the adventurers and fight alongside them, it is important to be able to keep track of the NPC’s location in relation to other players. If the players are already using figures for their characters, getting one for the NPC is a natural choice. An NPC aligned with a team is also an opportunity to include new players who could jump in and play them in the following sessions.

Are NPCs important in RPGs?

Proper use of NPCs can turn a good adventure into a great adventure. It is true that many NPCs will serve as a background to the story and will play a really small part in the grand scheme of things. If a party is interviewing an eyewitness or if they are ordering drinks from a hostess in the tavern, these one-time interactions should go by swiftly and do not require an extra exposition in the form of a figure. However, many sessions are not only about dungeons, dragons, and monsters. The players will meet many complex characters along the way. These recurring characters will come and go, join the party, betray it, or summon it time after time. This is when the background becomes the main scene of events and this is when NPC miniatures will really shine. We invite you to check the offer and see for yourself what inspirations you will find.