Miniature sets of sci-fi units. Minis for wargamers familiar with systems similar to Warhammer 40k. Alternative marines, futuristic soldier squads, commando units. 3D sci-fi models prepared for painting by Cyber-Forge and Titan-Forge.

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What is a unit of sci-fi miniatures?

Sci-fi miniatures are sold as single heroes or as entire units. A unit consists of more than one model. Each miniature in a unit has the same style or is a part of the same troop. However, they have slight differences that make them look interesting together on the tabletop. The models in a unit have different poses which make them look dynamic and living. The models will also often have completely different elements and details that will make them completely separate entities that are easy to recognize. This means that you can use a unit as a whole or you can use them as separate heroes that have different abilities but refer to each other in terms of style.

What are the most common sci-fi unit miniatures?

Most sci-fi games employ full squads of sci-fi marines. These cybernetic future soldiers are the bread and butter of the next age of warfare. However, in our offer, you will find units for all the different armies across many games and genres. See our selection of packs of monsters and demons that hunt together and wreak havoc and terror among their foes. The summoners are also often found in duos or trios as many archetypes rely on bringing in more units during the game. Finally, we offer the entire band of droids, aliens, and future soldiers that look formidable when stacked up and marching together.

Are sci-fi units used in wargames?

Almost every wargaming system including Warhammer uses the units as the core of their gameplay. Single heroes and their equipment are of course the staple points of each build but it is the units that you fill the board with and use as the main tactic in a battle. Getting the right sci-fi units and finding the way to get the most value out of them is what a great general will exploit in order to secure victory. In order to have the option to choose from many different wargaming units, Titan Forge offers a whole selection of different groups of core sci-fi units that you can use in every game. No matter which system you are using, you will find some high-quality miniatures available right away with fast shipping.

Are Cyber Forge units available in the Titan Forge store?

At Cyber Forge we are realizing a new collection of sci-fi units each month. You will find modular units with interchangeable weapons, different corpora, different armours, and heads, so that you can really make your troop stand out instead of being clones. With all these modification options, you will have an easy time creating and distinguishing the command groups of your units from the rest of the squad. The units from Cyber Forge regularly make it to our resin offer at the Titan Forge store. Thanks to that, there are many options to choose from when looking for science-fiction units.