Sci-fi miniatures collection for games similar to Warhammer 40000 created by Cyber Forge Patreon. Marines miniatures, sci-fi soldiers minis, futuristic human figurines. 28mm models for RPGs, wargames, and painting.

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How does Titan Forge offer so many sci-fi hero miniatures?

Titan Forge right from the beginning was creating models for science fiction fans. The first models created by Titan Forge back in 2010 were big sturdy tanks and transporters. Since then we have been expanding our sci-fi offer with lots of mechs, marines, soldiers, and other minis from every part of the galaxy. Since the dawn of Cyber Forge, Titan Forge has really taken releasing sci-fi heroes to the next level with a huge batch of miniatures landing in the store every single month. This constant stream of miniatures fills every aspect of sci-fi wargaming and RPG and has Titan Forge equipped with models for every need. These are the droids you are looking for.

Where can I use sci-fi hero miniatures?

Titan Forge science fiction minis are very often used by wargamers. The players really enjoy having the option to use models that are different from the generic ones that everyone else uses. When you are playing with a custom army, with personal conversion and additions from Titan Forge, you can really feel the personal connection between you and the hobby. You will find that our sci-fi heroes' miniatures suit every wargaming system. Another use for Titan Forge models are sci-fi RPG games. You will find the player characters that will fit into your adventure, or even inspire you to create new characters. If your team is already set, you will still have the option to add memorable NPCs and enemies from our range. Using miniatures in RPGs is always a great idea to improve immersion and make the session more fun.

Are there any cyberpunk hero miniatures at Titan Forge?

The cyberpunk genre is currently very popular due to the premiere of the cyberpunk video game. However, Titan Forge was creating cyberpunk miniatures long before that and continues to explore high technology low life motives. Among our models, you will see the rip doctors, journalist crews, sci-fi gangsters, corporation suits, and all the other guys to fill your own cyberpunk city and make it a living organism. We want to create models that you would expect to see on the streets of cyberpunk. Although dystopic, we know how much our fans enjoy this trope as we do too, and you can really tell by the volume and interesting choices you will find in our offer.

Is science-fantasy a common theme for Titan Forge hero minis?

Titan forge creates both fantasy miniatures and science-fiction miniatures. As a result, a crossover between these two is a natural extension of our work. Just like in Shadowrun, you will absolutely find science-fiction orcs, elves, dwarves, and more at Titan Forge. We feel that adding high-tech armours and weapons to fantasy races is an absolutely cool idea and the results always exceed our expectations. There is a good place for magic in science fiction and exploring new ways of combining the two worlds is never boring. In our offer, you will find sci-fi versions of generic fantasy races, and a whole range of alien races.