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GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk is a miniature wargame created by Cyber Forge and Titan Forge which was released on Kickstarter. Enter the grid wars and find the rules at Get all models for factions here!


  • Corporation
    <p>Gridwars wargame miniatures from the Sakara Corporation faction. The Corporation models include sci-fi soldiers, sci-fi mechs, and security. Grid Wars Age of Cyberpunk is a Kickstarter wargame created by Titan Forge and Cyber Forge.</p>
  • Cyber Cult
    <p>Futuristic machine miniatures brought to life by an evil AI. Cyber Cult models feature sharp steel and precise calculation, as well as body modifications and implants. Face those ruthless terminators in GridWars Age of Cyberpunk.</p>
  • TCPD
    <p>Futuristic TCPD police miniatures for all ranks and functions. Sci-fi police models dedicated to GridWars. Resin minis of police officers, police force, and law enforcement. Protect the city and neutralize bad guys with this sci-fi collection.</p>
  • Yakuza
    <p>Yakuza is a futuristic model collection from GridWars. The family has entered the new millennium of technological advancements while maintaining its bloodline principles. Bring them to the Cyber Forge Kickstarter wargame and dominate the grid.</p>
  • Gangs of TC
    <p>Gangster and lowlife miniatures collection with a cyberpunk theme. Full set ready to use in GridWars Age of Cyberpunk game created by Cyber Forge and featured on Kickstarter. Cyberpunk miniature set collection for gaming and painting.</p>
  • Borderlands
    <p>GridWars Borderlands miniature collection. Models with a distinctive Wasteland and Desert theme. Post-apo miniatures for fans of sci-fi movies like Mad Max. Gather the entire Borderlands faction and prepare to brutally overwhelm your enemies in GridWars.</p>
  • Star Smugglers
    <p>Motivated by profit and ready to battle, you too can join the Star Smugglers. Enroll your squad in the GridWars wargame and prepare your spaceship crew miniatures. Bounty hunters and space pirates are ready to fight!</p>
  • Accessories
    <p>Here you will all necessary Grid Wars accessories - Grid Wars Dice, Grid Wars Mats, Tokens, and gadgets that will make every game more enjoyable. If you are interested in organized play, contact us at [email protected] for free Tournament Kits.</p>

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What is GridWars?

GridWars is a sci-fi hex-based skirmish wargame published and developed by Titan Forge. It was first launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2020 with 7 factions and countless impressive science fiction miniatures. In this game, players upload their characters to the grid and compete to fulfill scenario objectives while simultaneously engaging in deadly combat. The battlefield is filled with cyberpunk characters, vicious mechs, hacking terminals, and buildings that add up to a futuristic cyber-city setting. GridWars have a high-replayability as in every game you can run with a different squad, face different enemies, complete diverse missions, and look for new combos.

How to play GridWars by Titan Forge?

All rules and resources required to play GridWars are on Read the manual, choose your faction, get the miniatures, and build your squid in the online roster creator. For each miniature, there is a unit card that includes the personal statistics and unique attacks and abilities available to that hero. Finally set up the grid with terrain by following the scenario guide and begin the clash. Players activate their units alternately, one by one until all units have performed their actions and a round ends. After a predetermined number of rounds, the game ends and the player who was more successful at completing the scenario objectives becomes the winner.

How is GridWars different than other games?

There are several elements that make GridWars a next-generation wargame. The scenarios have RPG elements with a cool story behind them. Your goal during the game will not be simply destroying enemy units (although it helps) but rather stealing crucial computer data, escorting a prototype car, or saving the world by stopping an atomic explosion. That’s why having units that have access to high hacking or engineering statistics will be as crucial as rolling with the heavy hitters.

Hacking allows to manipulate the environment by activating sentry guns, reconnaissance through cameras, or even locking enemies in buildings with trap doors. With high engineering you are able to collect material and then build and deploy powerful reinforcements throughout the game - the drones, assault machines, and even full-scale mechs. The most strategic feature is the custom dice linked with an Energy system. Basically, for each round, players generate a pool of energy that they can distribute among their units in any way they see fit. This energy can be spent during the round to improve the attack and defense rolls.

What are the future plans for the GridWars wargame?

Since the GridWars was released, Titan Forge has added many new units to the game that unlock new combos and combinations. Fans of other playstyles have also gained access to solo mode and cooperative mode. As the system is continuously growing, Titan Forge is preparing to launch the second installation of the game which will feature streamlined rules, new factions, and a whole bunch of new terrain. A lot of mechanics will be simplified and adapted for a more dynamic playstyle that will allow the challengers to dive right into the action. Join today and see GridWars grow into the sci-fi wargame everyone is waiting for.

Where to get GridWars miniatures?

All GridWars miniatures and accessories are available right here on the official website. Simply navigate to your faction and browse the list of units. Each character has its own miniature that has inspired its attacks, abilities, and statistics. Come back often to check for bundles and promotions and complete the full GridWars collection.