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Cyber Forge with Titan Forge presents sci-fi miniatures collection for RPG games from Starfinder, Shadowrun, and Cyberpunk category. Sci fi 32mm and 28mm miniatures, figures, and kits for wargames similar to Warhammer, Infinity, Destiny, Necromunda, Stargrave.

Science-fiction miniatures



  • Gridwars
    <p>GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk is a miniature wargame created by Cyber Forge and Titan Forge which was released on Kickstarter. Enter the grid wars and find the rules at Get all models for factions here!</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Sci-fi miniatures collection for games similar to Warhammer 40000 created by Cyber Forge Patreon. Marines miniatures, sci-fi soldiers minis, futuristic human figurines. 28mm models for RPGs, wargames, and painting.</p>
  • Units
    <p>Miniature sets of sci-fi units. Minis for wargamers familiar with systems similar to Warhammer 40k. Alternative marines, futuristic soldier squads, commando units. 3D sci-fi models prepared for painting by Cyber-Forge and Titan-Forge.</p>
  • Vehicles
    <p>Sci-fi vehicle miniatures from Cyber Forge. Land and aerial vehicle tabletop model kits. Futuristic battletech tank miniatures, spaceship miniatures, bikes, cars, walkers. Mech miniatures for wargaming and painting for sale. Sci-fi figures and sculptures for collections.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Ideas for unique sci-fi monster miniatures for your monster hunter RPG sessions and games. Popular sci-fi monsters from books and horror movies. Alien miniatures, figures, and figurines. Bring the world of monsters to your tabletop.</p>

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Is Titan Forge making sci-fi miniatures?

Right from the start, Titan Forge is creating both fantasy and sci-fi miniatures for gamers with some notable best-selling examples being Terra Guardians and Daemonic Kingdom. However, since the launch of Cyber Forge Patreon, Titan Forge is adding more than twenty new miniatures to its science-fiction offer every single month. This rapidly growing collection is the reason why every sci-fi enthusiast will find exactly the miniatures they are looking for at Titan Forge.

Which games use sci-fi miniatures?

Titan Forge miniatures are well-known among wargamers that are playing in the most popular systems like Warhammer 40000, Star Wars, Stargrave, Infinity, Dropzone, Deadzone, Antares, Battletech, and others. Many players choose Titan Forge models as a cheaper and flashier alternative for their squads as they tend to shine on the battlefield among other repeatable miniatures. The second prominent category in which Titan Forge sci-fi miniatures are used is tabletop RPGs. RPG players commonly use the miniatures as a visual representation of their characters, for enemy and monster encounters, and for memorable NPCs. The most notable sci-fi tabletop RPGs are Star Wars, Cyberpunk Red, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Fallout, Infinity, Neuroshima, Stargrave, and many others.

What is unique about Titan Forge sci-fi miniatures?

Titan Forge models are created by actual science fiction maniacs who have seen every old sci-fi movie and have played all vintage sci-fi games. They have watched the evolution of the sci-fi genre and you can really see that passion in the sculpts. In Titan Forge models you will find countless references to beloved characters and tropes. What is special about Titan Forge's sci-fi offer is that you will find models for all popular and niche genres. You can get characters for your cyberpunk adventures, vehicles, marines, and troops for your grimdark wargaming, mutants and junkyard miniatures for post-apocalyptic worlds, starship crews and aliens to roam them, actual futuristic spaceships, and much, much more. We are always trying to stay on top of what’s currently hyped and popular but we still love the challenge of creating classic science-fiction collections.

Are Titan Forge sci-fi miniatures 3D printed?

Titan Forge is primarily known for their 3D printing STL Patreons. We have been deeply interested in 3d printing technology right from when it was first introduced for commercial use. As this technology has rapidly advanced in the last years, we are finally able to offer almost entire our offer in 3D print. We have tested countless printers and calibrations in order to be able to offer crisp and flawless miniatures. On top of that, we have been working with Ameralabs on creating a resin line that will be dedicated to sci-fi hobby miniatures. The flexibility and extreme durability it achieves are something that guarantees that your miniatures will serve you for a long time.

Where to get Titan Forge sci-fi miniatures?

You will find all sci-fi miniatures at You may browse through categories and choose exactly the models you are looking for from among Heroes, Vehicles, Units, and Monsters. Titan Forge accepts PayPal payments and offers affordable and safe shipping worldwide. We have sent Titan Forge minis to all continents, to small islands, and to military bases. If you ever need any special terms for your delivery our support will be happy to help.