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Decorative sci-fi bases for sci-fi miniatures. Many themes to choose from. Base sizes and shapes for all RPG systems and all wargames. Bases compatible with magnets and painted miniatures for hobbyists and collectors.

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Do sci-fi miniatures look better with bases?

The sci-fi hobbyists often recognize the base of the unit as the core of its presence. Especially for sci-fi bases, the setting in which you put your miniature will correspond with its armor and weapons. A cold steel robot will surely look even better if you find a matching steel-like base to really underline its design. Every model requires a base to be able to place it on a flat surface, therefore choosing the right bases for your models is something that you will constantly run into. In order to make sure that your minis leave your workshop effortless and in great shape, make sure to stock up on sci-fi bases from the Titan Forge store where you will find a huge selection and excellent designs.

Are sci-fi bases different from fantasy bases?

Finding the right base for your sci-fi miniature has even more impact than in fantasy gaming. On top of all the different types that you can find for fantasy miniatures, there is a whole new world of sci-fi bases. The future brings a massive amount of materials and surfaces on which you can present your minis. With the development of technology, there are steel bases, asphalt bases, roads, warehouses, metals, corrosion, spaceship floors, and many more things for you to consider. The painting techniques you will use to get the desired effects are also a lot different than in fantasy miniatures, where sometimes placing a little bit of sand and grass on top will constitute a satisfying effect. We strongly suggest checking out youtube tutorials for sci bases in order to really make your miniatures shine.

What are the most popular Titan Forge sci-fi bases?

In the Titan Forge store, you will find a lot of different sci-fi bases. The surfaces of distant planets are often interesting with all the craters or alien vegetation really creating an eerie effect. Further, you can explore all the options that sci-fi locations bring. Whether it will be a cosmic base, a floor in an industrial complex, or the surface of a spaceship, each will provide a different feeling for your minis. The future cities are also interesting places to put your models in. The streets with various elements of the urban environment like pavements, lamp posts, or trash bins are good ideas for a cyberpunk collection. You can still use a fantasy take with sci-fi twists with sci-fi ruins or volcanic ground. The most popular bases might be the most generic ones but we invite you to find the perfect setting for your miniatures in our offer.

How to choose the best base for your sci-fi miniature?

In order to make the base and the miniature align, you have to take a closer look at the model and what it represents. Thinking about its story and why it is currently where it is will lead you to creating an interesting backstory of your favorite hobby models. This way, when you deploy your units into combat, you will feel a connection with your units and be proud of your work. A good idea for choosing the right miniature is following the details and the types of elements of your minis. Robots or heavily armored units will match with the more industrial bases, whereas demons and aliens will look better if you try to visualize the planet from which they come from and try to set them up on it. The more human your miniatures are, the better they will look in city settings. And if you are playing with one of many iterations of future military troops, the tranches and abandoned bases will often be the best choice.