Gangs of TC

Gangster and lowlife miniatures collection with a cyberpunk theme. Full set ready to use in GridWars Age of Cyberpunk game created by Cyber Forge and featured on Kickstarter. Cyberpunk miniature set collection for gaming and painting.

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Can I play GridWars with Gangs of TC?

The Gangs of TC GridWars collection features the lowlifes and gang member miniatures from Titan City. This settlement is located on Titan (the largest moon of Saturn) and is a central place of the stories featured on Cyber Forge Patreon. In the true style of cyberpunk, high technology - low life, we have had a blast creating many interesting and captivating gang models. Crime and violence rule the city, so portraying the culprits is a huge part of it. This does not mean that Gangs of TC are all bad. In a world where police and health care are privatized, the lower classes often have no one else to turn to when looking for some justice. That’s why all miniatures in this collection can be considered complex and they can serve not only as villains. Transferring these great figures into GridWars and creating a separate faction was a natural step toward creating a diverse gameplay environment.

What miniatures are there in Gangs of TC?

Gangs of TC are full of future gang models. There are your regular brute miniatures like Batman and Bolo models, who you can see at first glance are all about battery and smashing up bars. Despite not having much hacking and engineering capabilities, street gangsters still have access to some hacker models who can get the job done when needed. Now we get onto the stars, gangster models so famous that they have made the lineup of Gangs of TC. Jenny Silverleg is a rock star that runs a criminal enterprise from backstage, Nick Chrombane is a science-fantasy miniature, a famous mercenary not afraid of the toughest jobs. And then there is Strahva, an assassin miniature, the uncapturable ghost of the Titan City streets. To complement the line, you will find many mobster minis with a large variety of skills focused on one goal - raw domination.

Which GridWars rules are used in Gangs of TC?

This faction has a straightforward set of rules that can be utilized by players of all skill levels. The defining trait of all Gangs of TC units is ganging up on enemies, which grants additional attack dice when two or more allies are in combat with an enemy. This mechanic promotes the style of setting up ambushes with multiple heroes or simply closing up the distance early and overpowering the enemies with pure force. All Gangs of TC units are also strong on their own, as expected from elite gang members, and can handle themselves in a battle well. The weak points are the lack of hacking and engineering capabilities and reliance only on combat to push the scenario objectives. In this faction, you will also not find many support units that provide synergy, buffs, or much-needed healing and condition token cleansing. To put it together, Gangs of TC are fun to play and despite not much complexity, you will be able to set up some game-winning, satisfying plays.

Are sci-fi gangster miniatures popular?

Cyber Forge sets a path for sculpting unique minis. This original miniature collection is one of the first high-quality future gang ranges available. Although you can find alternatives, Gangs of TC has a great variety of gang miniatures originating from different backgrounds including Brazilian favela miniatures, science-fantasy orc miniatures, cyborg gangster warrior models, street ninja figures, and other distinctive figures. Sci-fi gangster miniatures can be used across many RPG campaigns in cyberpunk systems and in wargaming to substitute hero characters. At the Titan Forge official store, you will find many options to get just the miniatures you need with compelling prices and cheap and easy worldwide shipping straight to your home.