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Caves of Corruption

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Explore the Bloodfields Caves of Corruption realm. Sullen Swampfolk with mushroom miniatures and swamp creatures. Kashan Vra Dwarves miniatures corrupted by chaos. Everdark Elves miniatures with dark beasts and auras. And the enlightened Vile Dragonborn miniatures.

subcategories of Caves of Corruption fantasy miniatures:


  • Sullen Swampfolk
    <p>Sullen Swampfolk Bloodfields army features frog miniatures and mushroom miniatures supported by a giant Beastoise. Spawn even more models by using mycliums or blast through enemies with shroom zombies. This army features fun and complex gameplay.</p>
  • Corrupted Dwarfs
    <p>Corrupted Dwarves (also known as Kashan Vra) are a Bloodfileds army. In this fantasy skirmish wargame you clash against the enemy on the battlefield. Get your corrupted dwarves miniatures here and bring them to the tabletop.</p>
  • Everdark Elves
    <p>If you are looking for the strongest Bloodfields army be sure to check out the Everdark Elves. The everdark elves miniature collection is also beautifully sculpted and ideal for painting. Check out for more info.</p>
  • Vile Dragonborn
    <p>The best dragonborn models in the Titan Forge collection come from the Vile Dragonborn army created for Bloodfields. You will find dragoborn rogue miniatures, dragonborn wizard miniatures, dragonborn fighter miniatures, and dragonborn barbarian miniatures right here.</p>

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