Human army miniatures for sale online in 28mm scale. Fantasy soldiers and human warriors miniatures for wargaming. High-quality fantasy miniatures for the tabletop enthusiast and alternative models for popular human armies. Build your distinctive miniature collection.

Human fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Units with multiple models of human miniatures. Tabletop wargaming troops to be used with any human factions and armies in all fantasy systems in the Warhammer and 9th Age category. Various poses in 28mm scale.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Collection of human heroes, wargaming set for collectors. All-purpose human miniatures - warriors, mages, leaders, human paladins, and more. Online how to paint guides for human miniatures recommended to create the collection that suits your army best.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Warmachine miniatures are commonly used in human armies that excel in ranged combat by using ballistae, cannons, catapults, trebuchets, and miniguns. Get human warmachine models created by Titan Forge. The next level for your miniature hobby.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>28mm monster models and miniatures from Titan Forge human sets and collections. Monster handlers, beasts, dragons, griffons, and more. For wargaming and painting - highly detailed resin models. Tabletop miniatures with shipping to UK, Europe, and USA.</p>

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What miniatures are in the Human collection at Titan Forge?

At the Titan Forge store, you will find miniatures for all wargaming realms, systems, factions, and armies. Humans are very commonly used across all systems with many of them having more than one clan that uses human miniatures. Our goal is to create human figures that fit into many collections. That’s why Titan Forge human miniatures have soldiers, knights, mercenaries, and adventurers among their fighting characters. On the other hand, humans are widely known for being versatile. You will find human mages, human clerics, and human wizards figurines as well as other human characters from many classes.

Where can I use Human miniatures?

In the fantasy miniature category, you can find human figures dedicated to wargaming and other tabletop games. In this collection, you will find not only characters but also fantasy warmachines typically used by humans. Human wargaming units consist of multiple soldiers and you can get all the miniatures that you need to fill the board with your fantasy army right here. Miniatures from this collection are also perfect for painting and for display, thanks to their amazing details and interesting poses. You can also recognize that human figures are using a very diverse range of weapons and armor that we include in an effort to bring you human miniatures for every occasion.

What is the quality of Titan Forge Human models?

Titan Forge has a long-established process of casting and 3d printing miniatures for your needs. Miniature hobbyists pay great attention to detail and require their miniatures to be pristine. We have been developing our techniques for years and we have been in touch with many clients regarding their needs and feedback. We know that durability is as important as flexibility and that the models will have to endure actual battles. We also recognize that our miniatures will be painted. We want to make it as easy as it can be so that the painting process goes effortlessly and the final effects are astonishing.

Who is sculpting Titan Forge's Human miniatures?

Sculpting fantasy miniatures is the core of Titan Forge. Every miniature is sculpted under the eye of Sławek Kościukiewicz, the co-founder and Art Director of Titan Forge. Thanks to his supervision, all models released by Titan Forge have a common style and scale. They just fit together, no matter if you combine humans with any other collections you will get the feeling that these figures are a part of the same fantasy universe. Of course, Titan Forge is also working with many other sculptors, both internally and through freelance work. We are always looking for new talent that will bring a fresh perspective to classic ideas.