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Cursed Sands

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Arabian Nights and Egyptian mythology miniatures are part of the Cursed Sands realm. In Bloodfields it consists of three armies - Gods of Sun and Sands, Bazaar of Miracles, and Cult of Flame. Enter the battle today!

subcategories of Cursed Sands fantasy miniatures:


  • Gods of Sun and Sand
    <p>Egyptian-themed miniatures for Bloodfields. The Gods of Sun and Sands is an army that features desert miniatures, Egyptian miniatures, sphinx miniatures, mummy miniatures, and pharaoh miniatures. Wargaming miniatures created by Titan Forge for Bloodfields fans.</p>
  • Bazaar of Miracles
    <p>The Bloodfields set of Arabian miniatures is contained in the Bazaar of Miracles collection. The city oasis models include pegasus miniatures and other Arabian Nights themes. Titan Forge Bloodfields figures are ready for gaming and painting.</p>
  • Cult of Flame
    <p>Start playing Bloodfields with the Cult of Flame army. Get all miniatures for the Cult of Flame right here including bases. Fantasy cultist miniatures and elemental miniatures create a climactic wargaming army for fantasy skirmish.</p>

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