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Why are sci-fi monster miniatures so popular?

Monster miniatures are a very common trope in science fiction thanks to sci-fi movies and sci-fi games. Unthinkable monsters that are yet to be discovered on other planets, on other planes of existence, or created by rogue technology make our imagination go wild. The unsettling climate of sci-fi monster miniatures makes them a popular choice among miniature hobbyists. As a result, you can find these monsters and creatures minis in every setting and used in all sorts of campaigns. The versatility of the sci-fi universe allows you to bring monster miniatures whenever you feel they can make for an interesting addition to your tabletop game or a roleplaying game.

Are RPGs and wargaming the main use for sci-fi monster figures?

Titan Forge creates sci-fi monster models for both RPG gamers and wargamers. In RPGs, the monster miniatures make for mind-boggling opponents and create thrilling environments to which the players want to come back. At Titan Forge, you will find not only big boss monster miniatures but also sets of small monster minis that you can put against your party as a crawling horde. In wargaming, there are many systems in which the entire army consists of monster minis, or the monsters act as a strong addition to it that fights arm-in-arm with sci-fi soldiers, science fantasy characters, and futuristic vehicles. Combining monsters with other miniatures or putting them head-to-head in battles is what makes future wargaming an epic experience for both casual and competitive players.

Are horror sci-fi miniatures available at Titan Forge?

We have quickly recognized that horror sci-fi miniatures are generally the most in-demand models nowadays. Therefore, when you browse through the Titan Forge collection, you will find science fiction monster models that cover all the most popular horror themes. Cthulhu and Lovecraft's monster minis can be obtained in numerous places but at Titan Forge, you will find some of the most beautifully sculpted figures of Cosmic Horrors and Great Old One with all their octopus-like heads, tentacles, and dragon wings. Darkness and chaos is also prevalent theme of other cosmic entities you will find in the collection. On top of that, in this section, you can buy sci-fi monster miniatures inspired by various popular science fiction movies, novels, and TV series. No matter if you are looking for a sci-fi Demogorgon or Aliens from the all-time classics, you will see that Titan Forge takes the popular themes and converts them into miniatures that bring back memories.

Where can I find alien miniatures?

At Titan Forge, we are not only big fans of the Alien movie series but we also like to imagine all miniatures that depict alien creatures and monsters. This can be seen in our alien figures collection, in which you can find a good amount of beings that could develop on distant planets. These models represent not only monsters but also more civilized aliens that could be extraterrestrial diplomats or alien warriors. Still, the most popular aliens in this range are alien beast miniatures and alien monster miniatures that strike fear and express hostility towards humans. If you are looking for more alien miniatures, check out the Heroes section, which covers all sentient and more human-like alien characters.