28mm dwarf miniatures better than warhammer! Dwarves miniatures collection in resin for sale. Paint and glue dwarves miniatures for painting and games based on high-quality 3d models. Metalbeard Dwarves and Corrupted Dwarves collections by Titan Forge.

Dwarves fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Dwarf rank and file miniatures are crucial to every dwarven army. At Titan Forge you will find all dwarven unit models in one place - different weapons and different poses. Enhance your dwarf miniature collection.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Dwarf hero miniatures in 28mm scale, bases included. Created by wargamers for wargamers. Among our dwarven miniatures, you will find dwarven engineers, berserkers, standard bearers, mages, and dwarven lords. Fantasy dwarf miniature set for sale.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Dwarven miniature armies are known for using powerful warmachines. Titan Forge has created dwarven warmachine models dedicated to wargames similar to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, 9th Age, Kings of War, and Lord of the Rings.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Monster miniatures from the dwarf set are here! Dwarven beasts, dwarven constructs, and dwarven mech models for games. This fantasy collection of minis in 28mm scale is excellent for painting and wargaming. Fast shipping.</p>

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Are Dwarf miniatures available at Titan Forge?

Titan Forge offers some of the biggest selections of dwarf miniatures among all miniature sculpting companies. Our vast range includes many types of dwarf and dwarven models that are perfect for collectors, gamers, and hobbyists. The most common dwarf models you will find here are the fantasy dwarves inspired by the classic fantasy genre. They are perfect for tabletop gaming, role-playing games, and miniature painting. Our fantasy dwarves come in many various poses and styles, from fierce dwarven warrior miniatures to dwarven engineer figurines and dwarven machines.

What types of Dwarf miniatures can I find here?

This is the right place to find all kinds of fantasy dwarf models for your collection. Dwarven commanders that depict regal dwarf warriors in ornate armor and wielding mighty weapons are a popular choice among wargamers. You can stock up on dwarf engineer miniatures armed with a variety of tools and gadgets that often create and maintain complex machinery and weapons used by fellow dwarves. Runic dwarves and dwarven runesmiths models have their equipment imbued with ancient magical runes and are able to cast spells. Dwarf miner sculptures are hard at work in the depths, extracting valuable minerals and gems. In case, they meet something below the earth, they will have their pickaxes ready. Dwarf berserker figurines depict ferocious warriors with unpredictable natures and incredible strengths. Dwarf figurines equipped with crossbows, bows, or rifles are always taking aim at enemies with deadly accuracy. No matter what kind of dwarves you intend to use in your RPG or in a tabletop battle, you can browse our collection to find the ones that suit you best.

What are some most popular Titan Forge Dwarven models?

Titan Forge dwarven berserker miniatures are a very popular choice among hobbyists. They are sculpted as fierce dwarf warriors in the midst of battle, wielding mighty hammers or axes and striking with deadly precision. Their strength is underlined by bulging muscles and determined expressions. Whether you are a tabletop gamer or a collector of fantasy miniatures, Titan Forge’s dwarf berserker miniatures are sure to impress with an incredible level of detail and dynamic poses. In our collection, you will also surely find Dwarven Units, oftentimes using ranged weapons. These complete sets of miniatures feature multiple models each. Dwarven Crossbow unit is among the most popular with each dwarf in a different pose and with a deadly crossbow ready to rain down a hail of bolts upon their enemies. If you are building a tabletop army, these units are a must-have for any fan of fantasy and miniature-wargaming. Their intricate armor and realistic poses will surely add a touch of excitement to any collection.

Does this collection feature Dwarven machine figures?

Absolutely! Dwarves would not be such a prominent fantasy race without their brilliant inventions and we put a lot of effort into providing you with some most stunning and memorable dwarven machine miniatures. Ancient Forge is a classic Titan Forge design and it depicts a mechanical dwarf beating away at a fantasy anvil with their extended robotic arms. With gears and machinery whirring all around him, this mechanical dwarf is a sight to behold and sure to impress any collector or fan of fantasy miniatures. This figurine will also satisfy all those looking to add a touch of steampunk to their collection or simply those who love the idea of mechanical dwarf miniatures, which you can find plenty of in our Metalbeards range. One of the most exciting models you will encounter here is the Ornicopter, a dwarven flying machine model. They are complete with rotating blades and many mechanical details. It is easy to imagine this miniature taking to the skies and embarking on thrilling adventures. Furthermore, you can also complement your fantasy collection with many dwarven warmachine miniatures, dwarven constructs models, dwarven mech figurines, and dwarven robot sculptures.