Cyber Cult

Futuristic machine miniatures brought to life by an evil AI. Cyber Cult models feature sharp steel and precise calculation, as well as body modifications and implants. Face those ruthless terminators in GridWars Age of Cyberpunk.

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What is the theme of Cyber Cult in GridWars?

Cyber Cult is considered one of the most dangerous factions in the GridWars hex-based tabletop game lore. It consists of maniacs that are obsessed with electronically augmenting their bodies with tech. Fortunately, Cyber Cult does not operate as a single organization, but rather as a group of separate entities. Sometimes they share a common goal and sometimes they clash over the ideals and religion connected with being half-human half-machine. Brutal experiments conducted in secluded locations performed by members of Cyber Cult often end in horrific tragedies, but from time to time, there is a breakthrough that takes this faction to the next level and there will be a scary moment in the future in which they will achieve singularity. No wonder so many hunt them and try to stop them.

What miniatures can I find in Cyber Cult?

Miniatures from the Cyber Cult collection are extremely detailed as there are many cybernetic elements that we wanted to include in their designs in order to get the most out of their unique theme. Figurines will have mechanical limbs, weapons installed right in their bodies, and many other augmentations performed by rip doctors. Some Cyber Cult figures are still mostly human and some are far more gone, where the only living pieces of the miniature are the remains of its mind. You can expect to find many models with cybernetic eyes, hacker miniatures, techno monster figures, and cyber psychos miniatures. In Cyber Cult there are many cyberpunk themes so circuit board patterns and exposed wires will really give you an opportunity to paint an amazing collection in that genre.

What are the basic rules for Cyber Cult in a GridWars game?

In GridWars, playing with Cyber Cult requires advanced planning as most of the army feeds off Bio Tokens that are dropped by destroyed enemy creatures. These Bio Tokens can be used by the units in order to exponentially grow their unique strengths. However, this is a scarce resource, therefore you will need to properly manage not only how to obtain it but also how to utilize it with your miniatures. Cyber Cult is also known for producing masses of abominated creatures miniatures that overrun the battlefield. These units have a Band trait which allows more than one weaker unit to move and attack in a single activation. Although these units do not have as high statistics as other warriors, the sheer volume and disruption they cause can lead to many decisive victories.

Is Cyber Cult hard to beat in Grid Wars?

If you cannot beat them, join them. However, if you are looking for tips on how to deal with the Cyber Cult’s strategy, you can always join the GridWars community on Facebook and Discord, where players around the world share their rosters and strategy. Advice for defeating Cyber Cult often revolves around the understanding that there are not many synergies between Cyber Cult units and that they actually compete to get Bio Tokens. This means that a group of Cyber Cult units is much less scary than a group of units from other factions which complement each other and share combos. Analogically, a single Cyber Cult unit will probably be stronger than a single unit from another faction. In addition, look out for Cyber Cult’s hacking capabilities. This army knows how to dominate the grid with their high hacking statistics and various tricks that can be performed with hacking like putting Sentry Guns in your way and applying Spotted Tokens with cameras.