Gridwars wargame miniatures from the Sakara Corporation faction. The Corporation models include sci-fi soldiers, sci-fi mechs, and security. Grid Wars Age of Cyberpunk is a Kickstarter wargame created by Titan Forge and Cyber Forge.

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Is Corporation one of the GridWars Faction?

In GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk players compete on the grid in RPG-style scenarios. Each player creates a roster that includes a specialized squad but when creating a roster, the players have to adhere to a point limit and can only choose characters from one faction. One of these factions is the Corporation. The full name of this powerful organization is Sakara Corp. It was founded many generations ago and has increased its influence over the years. The corporation might be more powerful than the government. It has access to massive funds and the technology is beyond anything accessible to a common citizen. The corporation even emits its own currency, the Titan Coin, thus regulating the market and keeping its technology prices independent from any regulations.

How do you play as Corporation in GridWars?

The corporation is a strong and all-around faction. Its core mechanics relies on the use of Titan Coins. The units can spend them to access overpowered versions of their abilities. While some units spend the coins, others can generate them. The faction features an entire C-suite, so you can deploy the Corporation’s CEO, CFO, CTO, interns, and assistants to create a network of units that support each other. Corporations' many businesses in the galaxy give them access to their own military, with future super-soldiers and specialized mechs, and their own medical teams, that use advanced technology to cure wounds. Proper management of titan coins and capitalizing on the faction’s strength will be the key to victory with this powerful squad.

When did Titan Forge create Corporation miniatures?

The corporation was first introduced in Titan Forge’s Kickstarter campaign for GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk in 2020. The crowdfunding effort has allowed releasing a faction with all-new miniatures but also some miniatures from the past releases at Cyber Forge have made it to the faction as an add-on. In the following months, some new miniatures joined Corporation as part of Cyber Forge releases and promo miniatures. Titan Forge is planning to support the GridWars system in the incoming years by creating more miniatures, more factions, and more scenarios. If you want to learn more about this modern skirmish hex-based wargame, be sure to check out the official website -

Are GridWars Corporation miniatures hard to get?

You can find each and every resin miniature from the Sakara Corporation collection on our website. Corporation feathers some larger units like mechs but their in-game point cost is also increased, so you will not find this faction to be more expensive than any other GridWars faction. The best thing about getting the Corporation miniatures right in our store is that you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality 3d prints from the highest quality hobby gaming resin. They are extra durable and even the thinnest parts will bend but not break. If you are looking for GirdWars Corporation STL models be sure to visit our MyMiniFactory online store and join the CyberForge for the constant stream of the newest GridWars additions and updates.