Sci-fi vehicle miniatures from Cyber Forge. Land and aerial vehicle tabletop model kits. Futuristic battletech tank miniatures, spaceship miniatures, bikes, cars, walkers. Mech miniatures for wargaming and painting for sale. Sci-fi figures and sculptures for collections.

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What kinds of sci-fi vehicles can I find at the Titan Forge store?

Titan Forge creates vehicle miniatures that you would see in future cities, future wastelands, and modern battlefields. Our goal is to offer a complete range of transportation that you can use on a tabletop. You will find models that drive on 2-wheels, 4-wheels, and even hover. Explore all the options we provide including post-apocalyptic scrap car miniatures, ultra-modern sports car minis, and some interesting jeep choices. Are you looking for bike and motorcycle minis? We have an entire collection dedicated to just that. Armored bikes, warfare motorcycles, and jet bike models are real bestsellers. If you are in need of a larger vehicle, be sure to check out scrap vans, armored transporter miniatures, and tank models created by Titan Forge.

What kinds of mechs and machines are available at the Titan Forge store?

Future technological advancement brings a whole new concept of sci-fi mech and sci-fi machine miniatures. At Titan Forge, we are trying to imagine and visualize the next generation of mechs, planes, drones, and spaceships, all of which you can find right here. The mechs created by Cyber Forge are state-of-the-art killing and support machines for all purposes. This means that you will find a whole magnitude of available weapons for your mech army. The mech miniatures are equipped with drills, guns, lasers, rocket launchers, plasmas, and more. The mech models drive on caterpillars, walk on mechanical limbs and fly. We guarantee that you will find the most compelling mech miniatures right here at Titan Forge. And if you are looking for some airborne support, you can extend your collection with gunship models, scout drones, and combat drone minis, or even obliterate your enemies with spaceship miniatures cruising around the orbit.

Where can I use sci-fi vehicle miniatures?

Sci-fi vehicles are the core of every future environment. We imagine the future as full of manned and unmanned machines performing our tasks and fighting wars for us. This is a common theme in many wargaming systems, as every future army is using some kind of vehicle support. Armored transporter miniatures and dropship models bring more soldiers into combat. Tanks pierce through enemy lines. Mech minis are walking, indestructible fortresses. If you want to dominate your enemy on the tabletop, you will find all kinds of vehicles and mech miniatures at your disposal. Sci-fi vehicle miniatures are also commonly found in RPGs, where they can act as the players' main base or means of transportation. Creating a great tabletop RPG setting will also take some sci-fi vehicles on top of buildings and ruins. Finally, due to how grand these large sci-fi vehicles and mech models are, they are perfect decoration pieces that you can paint and showcase in your home.

Are vehicle and mech models hard to assemble?

At Titan Forge we create models for hobbyists and assembling your miniatures is a large part of it. However, you will find that putting together a Titan Forge tabletop sci-fi model is not as demanding as assembling most hobby models with countless elements. Most of our models come with a limited amount of pieces that you will have an easy time finding a correct place for. Everything that can come in one resin chunk, will. The protruding elements, like hands and weapons, are separate on purpose. This way, you get an option to change the miniature unit’s weaponry whenever it is needed or mix-and-match various elements to get the desired effect. You will find large models a lot easier to assemble than the smaller ones, despite more elements, as larger parts are easier to fuse and you have more control over the process.