Here you will all necessary Bloodfields accessories, Bloodfields Dice, Bloodfields Mats, Tokens, and gadgets that will make every game more enjoyable. If you are interested in organized play, contact us for free Tournament Kits.

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Bloodfields Dice Set
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Bloodfields Dice Set

A set of custom dice used in Bloodfields fantasy skirmish wargame. This marble engraved set includes attack dice, defense dice, regular D6 dice, and an artillery die. One set is enough for 2 players to carry out a full-scale battle. A highest...
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Where can I get Bloodfields dice?

At the Titan Forge, you can get beautifully crafted Bloodfields dice sets. A single set will be enough to play a battle for both players. Bloodfields dice are acrylic which means they are extra durable, heavy, and a pleasure to roll. They will serve you in many campaigns. In order to achieve a real fantasy wargaming look in the dice sets we have used the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. The dice are engraved instead of simply printed. The dice are marbled instead of plain. The set features 8 attack and 8 defense dice which is more than enough even for the biggest attack rolls. Additionally, you get 3 regular but fantasy-stylized D6 dice which are used for all Bloodfields tests including charge tests, magic tests, and morale tests. And for those who like to add some war machines to their rosters, there is an Artillery Dice that shows the direction and deviation of template attacks.

How to get official Titan Forge playmats for Bloodfields?

We have tested many solutions for Bloodfields playmats and in the end, we have found that cardboard battle boards are a perfect replacement for regular vinyl, rubber, or PVC mats. The Bloodfields battle boards are foldable which means that they are very easy to store and they will not get damaged like roll-up mats. They also take up much less space and fit everywhere perfectly. You can grab a single battle board if you are looking to play smaller games which makes a single battle board a perfect addition to the 2-Player Starter Set that you can find in our offer. However, if you are looking to play full-scale battles eventually, we recommend getting 2 battle boards. Putting these two boards together creates a full-size battlefield. On the backside of the Bloodfields battle board, there is a hex grid for another Titan Forge battle system - GridWars. This means that you can play regular GridWars games and Bloodfields games by grabbing just one product. Still, if you are a fan of rubber playmats, the official Bloodfields playmats can be ordered from our partner:

Does Titan Forge create fantasy terrain for Bloodfields?

Titan Forge has experimented with many techniques to offer beautiful and affordable terrain for Bloodfields - a fantasy skirmish wargame. In our offer, you will find ruin terrain models, woods terrain models, swamp terrain models, and rocks terrain models that are commonly found environments found on the Bloodfields battlefield. Each terrain has a different set of rules in the system and they can be used to your advantage or your opponent’s disadvantage when planning out the strategy. In Bloodfileds there are also building and house terrain models and fences that you can find in our offer. All Bloodfields terrain miniatures come with extra parts that allow you to customize your terrain and make it your own. This resin terrain is perfect for painting on and the large surfaces will allow even inexperienced painters to create astonishing models.

Are there other Bloodfields accessories?

Bloodfields accessories are a growing collection and we are always trying to provide more options for everyone to have the equipment they need to play. Bloodfields tokens are available in most army boxes and are ideal to keep track of the unit’s health, inspiration, and various applied conditions. Titan Forge also has a line of Bloodfields dice trays that feature Bloodfields artwork. This is a very elegant and convenient way to make sure that all dice roll on a smooth surface and the dice do not land on the floor or become crooked. Wargaming also depends on measuring tapes to mark each unit's movement range and ability ranges. Measuring tapes with the Bloodfields logo are part of our offer and a part of Tournament Kits that include prizes that the players can win in Bloodfields leagues and Bloodfields events. Finally, some accessories that are a part of Tournament Kits will never be available in our store as they are dedicated prizes for winners of such events. A unique line of golden and silver attack and defense dice is how you can detect that the player is an achieved competitor.