You can grab the full sets of RPG miniatures here. The RPG model boxes are ideal as gifts for RPG players. You will find all dnd races and classes available as custom made packs.

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Are Titan Forge RPG miniatures available in Sets?

RPG players and dungeon masters often look for more than one miniature for their games. In order to run a grand and entertaining adventure you can use a large number of fantasy props. First of all, each player will require a miniature that represents their hero. You can find the full RPG hero miniature sets available at the Titan Forge store. With these sets, you will have access to hero miniatures from all races and classes and will be able to gather any team of characters the players decide to play. Once the fantasy party is all set up, it is time to bring some enemies to their path. With RPG miniature sets, you can get a small collection of figures dedicated to a single adventure. In these sets, you will find some minions to disrupt the players and a boss that you can reveal in due time. By grabbing a monster RPG model set, you can be sure that the miniatures will be connected thematically and offer multiple levels of challenge to a DnD party.

Why should I get RPG miniatures in Sets?

Our goal when creating RPG miniature sets is to offer a full experience contained in a single box or a blister. Getting a set is always a good idea, if you are looking to get more miniatures at a better price. Thanks to producing full sets of models, we are able to offer them at a discounted rate and save you money. Buying in sets also saves the time and resources that you would normally spend when looking for individual pieces. It is convenient to know that you can simply grab a set and have all the miniatures you need for a certain encounter or scenario, rather than purchasing them one by one. This way, you also do not have to worry about consistency in style and scale. The minis in a set are designed to match each other and they create a cohesive look for your game. Some sets may also include exclusive miniatures that are not available outside of the set.

What miniatures can I find in RPG Sets?

RPG miniature sets offer a variety of figures that you will enjoy using in your RPG games. For your convenience, RPG miniature sets can be found in a few categories. Monster sets include many different monster miniatures including dragons, goblins, zombies, and other creatures commonly found in a fantasy universe. NPC packs have all the merchant miniatures, guard miniatures, tavern patron models, and other townspeople figures that you can use to create a vivid setting for your story. Character sets are full of pre-generated hero models including fighters, wizards, rogues, and all other fantasy classes. Check back for Terrain Packs that include sets of scenery miniatures, such as trees, rocks, mountains, and buildings, that create more detailed and immersive game environments.

What are the most popular RPG miniatures that I can find in sets?

The most common RPG miniatures are those that can be used across a wide range of games, systems, and settings. This definitely includes humanoid miniatures such as humans, elves, dwarves, or halflings that are core to most currently popular games. In these miniature sets, you will also find fantasy creatures including dragons, orcs, goblins, and trolls, who can serve as opponents for your party or even NPCs. One of the most common types of monsters are the undead. You can get sets packed with zombie, skeleton, ghost, and vampire miniatures that also fit in a horror setting. Many players want to find a representation of their beloved pets and animals in the fantasy world. That is where animal miniature packs come in with horses, dogs, cats, and other familiar miniatures come in.