Titan Forge art studio presents demon miniatures from every part of the demonic kingdom including demon lord miniatures, plague demons, demon princes, shadow demons, and more. Absolutely remarkable demon miniatures for painting, collection, and games.

Demons fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Multiple model units for armies of chaos. Demonic Kingdom miniatures created by Titan Forge are a popular choice among wargamers familiar with systems like Warhammer Age of Sigmar, 9th Age, Kings of War, Hordes, and Frostgrave.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Demon miniature set in 28mm scale. Including demon lords, shadow demons, medieval demons, daemon prince miniatures, and female demons. Enter the demon world and get ready for painting the chaos demon miniatures.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Machine, chariot, and warmachine miniatures from the Demonic Kingdom. Check out the online how to paint demon miniature guide and bring your chaos demon army to battle. Titan Forge creates the best demon miniatures for games.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Demon dragons, demon monsters, demon lords miniatures. Set of big models for painting and display, tabletop ready. Titan Forge is a miniature store near you with cheap shipping and stunning models. Enhance your collection!</p>

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What are the four types of Demon miniatures at Titan Forge?

Titan Forge demon miniatures are divided into four main categories. Demons of Lust miniatures are depicted as seductive and alluring. They use their charms to tempt mortals into sinful and depraved behavior. You will find them with atmospheric attributes like provocative clothing, exaggerated physical features, and suggestive poses, and they are often associated with desire. Demons of Fury models are full of demon miniatures fueled by rage and anger. They come with fierce expressions, sharp teeth or horns, and mighty weapons or claws. This is the range that contains demon figures associated with war and destruction and they go best with fiery or chaotic environments. Demons of Ignorance are full of demons that punish the lack of knowledge and understanding. These twisted and malformed creatures come with distorted features and go well with dark environments. Finally, the Demons of Decay have demon miniatures that represent the gradual breakdown of the natural world. Rotting or decaying flesh, skeletal features, and other signs of decomposition are prominent in this collection. As they are connected with death, disease, and corruption, they go well with grim and desolate settings.

Why are Titan Forge Demon Lord miniatures so popular?

Demon Lords are fearsome opponents and they are often used in many wargaming settings as key units to defeat the enemy. Titan Forge offers its own unique take on the four demon lord figures and many players choose them to replace other miniatures to have an army that is different from any other. Lord of Fury miniature is an enormous winged creature with a fearsome appearance. It wields a massive axe and a whip and is often painted to emit an aura of fire and chaos. Its fierce expression and imposing size make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Lord of Lust model is a seductive and alluring female demon. However, her evil nature is revealed in her twisted demonic features. Her suggestive clothing and pose give an impression of dark energy. Her beauty is a trap for those who fall under her spell, and her powers of seduction always prove deadly. Lord of Ignorance mini is a large bird-headed creature that emanates magical powers. Its staff is adorned with mystical runes and its appearance is mysterious and enigmatic, with energy swirling and arcane symbols surrounding it. The power of knowledge and understanding can manipulate the minds and perceptions of those who stand in its way. Finally, the Lord of Decay figure is a bloated and decaying demon, with crab-like legs and a giant scythe. Its rotting flesh is evidence of its power over death and entropy. The size of this miniature is immense and it is often painted to be surrounded by toxic energy causing nearby objects to decay and wither away.

What other types of Demon minis can be found in this collection?

Titan Forge has begun sculpting demon miniatures right at the very start of its existence and has been adding more and more fantasy demon miniatures to their offer. This means you will find many choices for your demonic collection. Among our models, you will find hellhound miniatures, imp models, succubus figures, shadow demons, abyssal fiends, gargoyle miniatures, horned demons, pit fiends minis, demonic warlocks, demon summoners, and much more.

What are the features of Titan Forge Demon miniatures?

In our collection, you will find miniatures that depict dark and sinister figures with the power to summon demons from the netherworld. These demon summoners are holding books of spells and staffs inscribed with runic symbols The miniatures are accompanied by the summoned demons floating around them. The demonic beasts feature ferocious and terrifying creatures, both humanoid, cavalry, and monstrous. They have horns and glowing eyes, razor-sharp claws and teeth. These miniatures are posed aggressively, often lunging forward to attack their prey. The demonic Skydevil miniature is one of the most well-known Titan Forge designs. This winged demon soars through the sky. It may be painted with fiery colors and other demonic motifs. Our demon miniatures are associated with nightmares and are feared, devilish creatures. Some come with multiple mouths and tentacles, curved horns, and long tails. All of them are powered by the terrors of the abyss.