The best orc miniatures for games in Warhammer category. Orcs miniatures for your 28mm army, full sets of orcs for painting and games. Buy fantasy orc miniatures and orc models here to have the best army.

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  • Units
    <p>Wargaming units are the core of every orc army and orc faction. With our 28mm scale troop models you will fill the ranks of your collection. These carefully sculpted miniature orc sets are dedicated to hobbyists.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Orcish hero miniatures represent might and anger. Titan Forge offers orc models and orc minaitures for sale in every class known to wargamers familiar with systems like Warhammer Age of Sigmar, 9th Age, and LotR.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Are you ready to bring orcish warmachine miniatures to your tabletop battles? These crude machines are what every wagamer is looking for when creating a personalized orc miniature army. Cheap miniatures only at Titan Forge.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Check out the range of monster miniatures from the orc collection. Bring in the fantasy monsters minis to tabletop battles. Ideal models for games and wargames. Paint the orcs and the bases for the best effect.</p>

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What Orc miniatures are the players looking for?

Orc miniatures are constantly a popular choice among players and there are many different types that are in demand. Some of the most typical orc models are the traditional orcs. These miniatures are depicting orcs as they are often portrayed in fantasy literature, movies, and games. They are savage and brutish creatures and they commonly have green skin and tusks. As for their weapons, they are mostly wielding crude weapons and wearing little to no armor. Ultimately, the players are looking for a variety of orc models that reflect the diversity of orcish cultures and orcish characters. Most of all, however, is that the miniatures have to be detailed, well-sculpted, and capture the iconic savage theme.

What types of Orc miniatures are available at Titan Forge?

In our online collection available with worldwide shipping you will find all the orcs that you need to create a full army. Apart from what you could usually expect, which is orc warriors miniatures using clubs, swords, and war hammers, you can find more specialized orc barbarians models with axes and in the middle of berserker rage. We also enjoy depicting orcs as unkillable battle machines. Their armor might be not technologically advanced but it makes up for it with its thickness and the pure amount of protective steel that they are able to lift. Orcs are known for their blood magic, therefore orc shaman miniatures and orc sorcerer models with staffs and arcane items are easy to find here. Finally, there is a lot to choose from orc cavalry figures, orc siege weapon models, and mechanized equipment coming to their aid.

What is the style of Orc miniatures at Titan Forge?

At Titan Forge, apart from traditional orcs, you can find some diverse miniatures that you will be able to use across many games and systems. Warboss orcs depict larger and more powerful orcs who act as leaders and champions for orcish hordes. These orc miniatures will often be portrayed wielding more powerful weapons and wearing heavy armor. On the other side, we like to focus on more savage orcs. In these miniatures, we try to draw out their wild and unpredictable nature. Their features come greatly exaggerated, with larger tusks or even mutations. The weapons they use are much larger and cruder but they usually wear much less armor.

What other miniatures can be found in the Orc collection?

Orcs are known to be liberal in who they fight alongside as long as there is bloodshed. Goblins are common allies for Orcs so there are a lot of goblin miniatures in this collection including goblin cannibals. One of the early Titan Forge lines was Drakskull, a collection that mixed the orcs, goblins, and the undead. It features miniatures like noisy ghosts, zombie goblins, the throne of death, and ghost cavalry models. At Titan Forge, you will also find giant orc lords and orcish war machine units like cannons and artillery. Orcs also come with companions and familiars, the cavalry rides on worgs and wolves, and wild animals like boars come to their support.