All Titan Forge undead miniatures for games similar to Warhammer - undead giants, horses, chariots and dragons. Undead miniature collection with Egyptian themes and vampire lords theme. Zombie figurines for sale in a great price.

Undead fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Units in this fantasy collection represent undead hordes - zombie miniatures, skeleton miniatures, and more. Entire troops for miniature vampires army in every wargaming system. Miniatures from Titan Forge makes unique undead minis for tabletop games.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Vampire heroes and undead heroes miniatures for wargamers. Looking for a lich model, a necromancer model, or a vampire miniature near me and for sale? Get cheap undead and vampire miniatures at Titan Forge.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Undead chariot miniatures and undead warmachine miniatures in 28mm wargaming scale. Best warmachine miniatures that you can buy cheap and with fast shipping. Warmachine models for painting, your personal undead hordes.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Vampires bring to life a huge set of monster miniatures to use in any wargaming army. Undead giant models and a collection of beast minis that bring terror to the tabletop. Assemble, paint, and play games!</p>

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What types of Undead miniatures are hobbyists looking for?

In our vast collection, you will be able to find all kinds of undead miniatures including undead creature models, undead monster figurines, and undead character sculptures. Undead miniatures can be depicted in a variety of styles depending on the preferences of collectors and the specified undead creature being represented. However, there are some most common themes and styles that we often adapt to portray undead models in the fantasy genre. Fantasy undead minis are often designed to fit a broader fantasy world. They have armor, weapons, and other accessories that reflect the overall style of the game setting. This can range from medieval-style equipment to more fantastical elements such as magical spells and supernatural abilities. Many undead miniatures are made in a horror style, designed to be scary and creepy, with poses twisted, tattered clothing, and gruesome details like exposed bones and decaying flesh. This horror style is often used to create a sense of terror and unease in the viewer. Moreover, you will find undead miniatures in gothic and more realistic styles. These themes are not mutually exclusive, and many undead miniatures can incorporate elements of multiple styles depending on your preference.

Are Vampire miniatures available in the Titan Forge store?

Vampire miniatures are among the most popular undead models as vampires often spark a lot of inspiration for writers, filmmakers, and, of course, us, hobbyists. Vampires are a more elegant type of undead miniature and are often sculpted as powerful, charismatic beings that can control other undead or even the minds of living creatures. They come in a variety of different poses and clothing styles and they are quite versatile on the tabletop. Vampires are known for recruiting minions that include ghouls. Ghoul miniatures are a more feral type of undead model and are often seen as twisted, cannibalistic creatures that feed on the flesh of the living. They come in a wide array of poses and with different levels of detail and will be perfect for any wargamer that is looking for units that are effective in dealing damage in melee combat.

Can I get Zombie and Skeleton miniatures at Titan Forge?

Many undead miniatures are risen from the dead after being entombed. Zombies are a highly popular choice and every hobbyist and collector has at least once been looking for interesting zombie models to add to their list. These mindless, shambling creatures will follow and attack anything that moves. You will find Titan Forge zombie models to be depicted in a variety of states of decay, and with the affordable price, you will be able to swamp any graveyard tabletop setting with excellent figures. Skeleton miniatures are also another popular choice of undead mini. In fantasy settings, you will find skeletons marching as foot soldiers in necromancer armies. They do come in a variety of poses and with many different weapons. Gamers find them quite durable and expandable parts of their rosters. An additional type of a risen undead minion miniature is mummies. They are a more exotic type of undead miniature, found in pyramids. They often serve as undead guardian figures of long-forgotten tombs. You will find all kinds of Egyptian-themed clothing and accessories on them.

What other types of undead models are here?

Titan Forge creates all kinds of undead miniatures including banshee miniatures, lich models, vampire lord figures, and necromancer minis. The miniatures that often shine on the tabletop are ghosts, wraiths, and specters that with a bit of painting effort will become the most aesthetically pleasing models in your collection. Ghosts are an ethereal type of undead miniature and they create a haunted atmosphere. By adjusting your brush, you can achieve various levels of transparency. Wraith models are another kind of otherworldly undead figurine. These spectral beings can pass through solid objects and attack from unexpected angles. Finally, specter miniatures are terrifying creatures with writhing tentacles and malevolent aura. They are often encountered in places of great evil and corruption, and their touch can drain the life force from even the braves of heroes.If you are looking to create a fearsome undead army look no further than Titan Forge miniatures.