Fantasy realms feature a wide range of unique races. Models in a proper RPG scale and figures that tell a story. This collection features many miniature choices like in dnd mini builder and custom miniature makers.

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Are aasimar, aarakocra, and dragonborn RPG minis available at the Titan Forge store?

On top of the most popular races, we have prepared a range of characters that covers some less popular choices that are still perfectly viable for a memorable RPG session. Aasimar miniatures represent the descendants of celestial beings, such as angels, devas, or other divine entities. This heritage gives them unique abilities and a supernatural aura. They appear otherworldly and ethereal. Aasimar models are generally good-hearted and may feel compelled to protect and guide others. Aasimar miniature can come with a variety of physical traits - silver or golden eyes, metallic skin tone, or radiant aura. They may even develop wings. Aarakocra is another interesting RPG race of bird-like humanoids that come down to earth from the elemental plane of the air. They are an ancient race. They are known for their agility, grace, and, of course, ability to fly. With their avian features, such as feathers, beaks, and talons, aarakocra miniatures are distinct and easily recognizable. As for dragonborn miniatures, they are humanoids with draconic ancestry. Dragonborn minis represent traits of being proud, noble, and fiercely loyal. Physically, a dragonborn model comes with scales, large eyes, and a powerful build. Use the search function to find even more dragonborn minis in other categories of our store.

What other fantasy RPG races can I find in the Titan Forge store?

Our goal is to provide fantasy RPG miniatures for all systems and settings. While our collection grows, we are incorporating more rare choices and exotic races. Bugbear miniatures, for example, are large brutish goblinoids known for their strength and stealth, and they often serve well as scouts or ambush predators. Centaur minis are known for great speed and strength and can often join the party when exploring wild or untamed lands. Changeling miniatures are an ideal choice for a player that likes to alter their appearance (they are commonly found in the Eberron campaign setting). Our collection will also offer an option for gamers looking to roleplay as firbolg miniatures (large, gentle fey creatures with a strong connection to nature and ability to communicate with animals and plants) and goliath models who live in the mountains and are known for their incredible strength and competitive nature. Check our range for genasi minis, gith figures, grung models, and kalashtar figures, and other rare fantasy RPG races - kenku miniatures, lizardfolk miniatures, and locathah miniatures.

Why is it a good idea to order other RPG miniatures online?

There are a couple of great reasons to order your minis from the Titan Forge store without leaving your home. We offer a wide selection of miniatures, so you are free to browse a huge collection, all in one place, with a convenient search function. Doing so from the comfort of your home, with all the time in the world is also a relaxing experience. You save time, energy, and transportation costs. Online shopping also allows you to compare prices with other platforms so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal for your money. You can even quickly access online reviews and ratings to learn more about the quality, details, and durability of the miniatures you are considering. Some miniatures, especially the rare ones that you will find in this section, would be very hard to find in local stores and they might not even be available in your area. All this combines, adds up to a great shopping experience that we are set on providing you every time.

Why playing rare races in DnD is a good idea?

Using less common races in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns is a great idea for a couple of reasons. First, we have the unique abilities they often provide. These characters really stand out mechanically and provide interesting tactical options during encounters. Playing a rare race can open up fresh role-playing possibilities. It allows you to explore different perspectives and create new storylines resulting in memorable character interactions that will improve your RPG skills. The mysterious origin or unique nature of the character may become central to an adventure, leading to exciting discoveries and uncharted territories. Using a miniature from a rare race can also be rewarding for experienced players that are looking for a challenge. Learning to make the most out of new character traits can lead to personal growth and a greater appreciation for the game knowledge you already have. New race is also always an opportunity to promote a sense of diversity and inclusivity and the gaming table. Exploring different cultures in the game can lead to being more open-minded in the real world. Don’t hesitate to shake it up a bit and create a new character using a miniature from a rare race.