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Largest fantasy bases collection for your miniatures. A proper base will take your painted miniature to the next level. Find all base sizes, round bases, square bases. Ideal for wargaming in systems similar to warhammer.

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Do fantasy miniatures require bases?

A good base can be the difference between a good model and a great model. When you see a model, the base is a part that puts the miniature in its unique setting. This is an underline of all the efforts you have put into putting the model together, adding conversions, and painting it in the desired color scheme with all the techniques you have researched and mastered. When a miniature has a base that fits it, you can instantly picture it standing on the ground and fighting, traveling, and living. Although there are many techniques to create a unique base, many players choose to obtain ready-to-use scenic bases from Titan Forge. You can either simply attach it to your miniature or keep working on it to add even more special elements to it like grass, sand, and other modeling materials. Check it out for yourselves and see how much better your miniatures will look if you find just the right bases for them.

Where can I get the best bases for fantasy miniatures?

Titan Forge knows that miniature hobbyists see how important the fantasy bases are and that they are constantly looking for cool, unique bases for their models. That is why we have created bases in so many different styles so that everyone can find just the right bases for their fantasy setting. Titan Forge fantasy bases are designed for gamers. We know that the models will be moved around the tabletop and transported. That’s why we design the bases with the same care as we design our miniatures. Once you decide on the pattern and style of your bases from our ultimate range, you can be sure that they will last.

Does Titan Forge offer fantasy bases in all sizes?

We realize that many games use different sizes for the bases. We also know that when you are looking for the right base for your model, you might require a custom size, something that will fit your miniature perfectly. That’s why every collection of fantasy bases comes with so many different options and shapes. For every scale, and for every unit type, you will find an adequate base. We create bases for large models and for cavalry, both round, oval, and square. You will see that our square bases line up perfectly with your rank-and-file units by the edges.

In what technology are Titan Forge fantasy bases created?

Titan Forge fantasy bases are created in the brand new Sio Cast technology which is getting more and more popular for in-house production. This process gives us full control over the creation and quality control of our bases. We have developed our bases to perfectly fit your needs. That’s why our bases come with a unique twist. Each base comes in two separate parts. The bottom is interchangeable, so you can always replace it after some regular wear, while the top disc with the scenic sculpt is placed on top. This technology was created to guarantee that the bases are standing flat on the surface and do not bend. Moreover, there is some extra space between the parts that you can use to place magnets in or pin the miniature to the base. See this technology for yourself and you won’t come back on regular bases.