Dragon Empire

Dragon Empire is a classic Titan Forge fantasy miniature collection inspired by Asian, Japanese, and Chinese mythology. It includes figurines of Tianlong dragon, Yokai, Hori Mizu koi fish sorceress, and Dragon Empire ashigaru warriors.

Dragon Empire fantasy miniatures



  • Units
    <p>Wargaming units for Dragon Empire miniature collection. Archers, Spearman, Rifleman, Blademasters, and Cavalry from Asian and Japanase inspired miniature set. Ranged troops and melee troops for systems similar to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Game ready models.</p>
  • Heroes
    <p>Find here all the heroes from the eastern mythology inspired Dragon Empire range of miniatures. A huge set of fantasy models for your wargaming army including samurai, monks, and mages. Ideal for wargaming and painting.</p>
  • Warmachines
    <p>Get the most unique warmachines for your miniature army. Ballista, cannon, chariot, and more. All models come from the Dragon Empire set by Titan Forge which explores the amazing Asian mythos. 28mm scale with bases included.</p>
  • Monsters
    <p>Fantasy miniatures representing various monsters from far-eastern legends. Dragon Empire is a land of creatures and beasts. Get the models of Oni and other Yokai for your Asian model collection. Minis for games and for painting.</p>

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Was the Dragon Empire miniature collection created by Titan Forge?

Dragon Empire was released for the first time in 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign by Titan Forge. To this day, it is one of the most successful single-line resin model crowdfunding campaigns with over one hundred thousand dollars in funding. Dragon Empire was an instant hit among the backers due to the sheer number of models and the uniqueness of this collection. The Dragon Empire features not only thematic heroes but also full rank-and-file troops for wargaming and a whole arsenal of meticulously sculpted war machines. The Dragon Empire collection has really set off the popularity of Titan Forge miniatures and brought it to tabletops around the world. We are very proud of this line and we have been continuously adding more and more miniatures set in this magical far-eastern world of dragons and samurais.

Why are Dragon Empire miniatures so popular?

Dragon Empire has proven to be a real bestseller among Titan Forge miniatures. The myth and the wonder of this collection have many tabletop fans returning for more. Miniatures from Dragon Empire have been spotted on countless dioramas and painting contest admissions, along with many youtube painting guides and reviews. The key to this line’s success was reinventing the trope of Asian mythos by using original elements of armor and original weaponry and combining them with fantasy elements like spell effects and a whole range of magical beasts including dragons and komainus. Every Dragon Empire miniature aspires to tell a story and it is a story that most Titan Forge fans who come from Europe and North America have not heard yet. This provides them with an opportunity to chart new grounds and find themselves in a new unknown setting. What really helped, was also adding the huge and fantastic Tianlong dragon miniature to the line which really catches an eye.

What was Dragon Empire inspired by?

This collection was inspired by the mythos of the far-East. You will find many tropes from Chinese and Japanese culture, including some beloved manga and anime. The Dragon Empire also includes a whole range of Yokai These creatures from Asian folklore represent the ghosts of various natures. You can count on stocking up on some popular miniatures like ninjas, samurais, and dragons right here but you will also find that every model was heavily inspired by actual history, tale, or legend. Our sculptors have researched the armor and weapons used in the past. Thanks to that, every miniature has a feeling of actually fitting into this unique theme.

Where can I buy Dragon Empire miniatures?

Titan Forge is the only source of original Dragon Empire miniatures. In our collection, you will find them divided by their use. If you are looking for Asian heroes, you will find many interesting characters. For wargamers, we have prepared a whole section of deadly warmachines. Finally, if you want to fill the tabletop for a battle with regular troops, you can get the archers, blade masters, spearmen, riflemen, and assassins by the dozens at an unparalleled price. Don’t forget the cavalry, as Dragon Empire units are riding majestic beasts like dragons and komainu. We offer easy shipping and you can be sure that the Titan Forge 3d printed model will serve you for a long time.