Star Smugglers

Motivated by profit and ready to battle, you too can join the Star Smugglers. Enroll your squad in the GridWars wargame and prepare your spaceship crew miniatures. Bounty hunters and space pirates are ready to fight!

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What miniatures do I need to begin playing Star Smugglers in GridWars?

Start Smugglers collection for GridWars consists of miniatures that represent a crew of a smuggler spaceship. This organization gathers all characters that have a thrill for adventure and have a set of skills that can help during their adventures. Everyone is welcome on board, as long as they have nothing to lose and want to get rich. As a result, the crew of Star Smugglers is the most diverse cast of human miniatures and alien figures. The diversity, however, comes not only from different races but also from different classes of these units. On the bridge, you will find soldier miniatures, navigator models, and engineer minis. In order to play Star Smugglers, gather the crew from this collection, and be sure to check out as there might be even more Star Smuggler options available soon, as we are always creating new miniatures for this line.

What is the main strategy for playing as Star Smugglers?

Star Smugglers employ many powerful tactics and synergies in order to dominate the grid in the Grid Wars sci-fi skirmish war game. Their key army mechanic is the translocator beam. As the crew gets beamed down from a spaceship, you will be allowed to deploy your miniatures outside of the deployment zone, anywhere on the battlefield, as long as it is close to the beam. Alternatively, you can use the beam as a decoy and make your opponent think that this is where you will deploy, force the enemy to focus their forces on the area around the beam, and then actually deploy your units in your regular deployment zone. This way, right from the start when you play Star Smugglers, you can achieve a large strategic advantage.

Are Star Smugglers a strong faction in GridWars?

This GridWars faction is known for its strength which comes from having a lot of versatile and specialized units. On the Star Smugglers spaceship, you will find miniature heroes that have access to attacks that can deal with every kind of threat. So against heavy-armored enemies, you get fusion weapons that melt through steel, against evasive opponents there are critical strike attacks that can prevent them from defending, and when dealing with groups of enemies, you can unleash powerful area of effect template attacks that can wipe a weakened enemy team in one single blow. Although attacking is a core strategy to victory, a proper setup is required in order to be able to use it effectively. Star Smuggler miniatures have access to relocation abilities and blink that can flank the enemies as well as abilities that provide shields that will allow you to power through enemy attacks and retaliate with your best weapon.

Will there be more Star Smugglers miniatures in the future?

Right now, there are additional Star Smuggler miniatures that are not in the Titan Forge store but can be found as STL files at Cyber Forge Patreon and in our digital collection at MyMiniFactory. Therefore, be sure to check GridWars official website for all units that are currently a part of this collection in order to get more roster-building options. The world of GridWars is constantly expanding, with more Star Smugglers miniatures joining the crew and offering their unique traits. As cosmic travel is a common theme in sci-fi, you can expect many more figures to arrive in this faction in the future including sci-fi pilot miniatures, sci-fi medical officer minis, sci-fi captain models, as well as miniatures for communications officers, science officers figures, weapon officers, missions specialists, and regular spaceship crew miniatures.