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Miniature bases for resin and plastic models. Find all size bases - 25mm, 32mm, and more. Ideal for painting, for decoration, for magnets, for games like warhammer. Fast shipping to UK, Australia, Canada from Titan-Forge store.


  • Fantasy bases
    <p>Largest fantasy bases collection for your miniatures. A proper base will take your painted miniature to the next level. Find all base sizes, round bases, square bases. Ideal for wargaming in systems similar to warhammer.</p> <ul class="desc"><li><a title="A good base can be the difference between a good model and a great model" href="#1">Do fantasy miniatures require bases?</a></li> <li><a title="Titan Forge knows that miniature hobbyists see how important the fantasy bases are and that they are constantly looking for cool, unique bases for their models" href="#2">Where can I get the best bases for fantasy miniatures?</a></li> <li><a title="We realize that many games use different sizes for the bases" href="#3">Does Titan Forge offer fantasy bases in all sizes?</a></li> <li><a title="Titan Forge fantasy bases are created in the brand new Sio Cast technology which is getting more and more popular for in-house production" href="#4">In what technology are Titan Forge fantasy bases created?</a></li> </ul>
  • Sci-Fi bases
    <p>Decorative sci-fi bases for sci-fi miniatures. Many themes to choose from. Base sizes and shapes for all RPG systems and all wargames. Bases compatible with magnets and painted miniatures for hobbyists and collectors.</p> <ul class="desc"><li><a title="The sci-fi hobbyists often recognize the base of the unit as the core of its presence" href="#1">Do sci-fi miniatures look better with bases?</a></li> <li><a title="Finding the right base for your sci-fi miniature has even more impact than in fantasy gaming" href="#2">Are sci-fi bases different from fantasy bases?</a></li> <li><a title="In the Titan Forge store, you will find a lot of different sci-fi bases" href="#3">What are the most popular Titan Forge sci-fi bases?</a></li> <li><a title="In order to make the base and the miniature align, you have to take a closer look at the model and what it represents" href="#4">How to choose the best base for your sci-fi miniature?</a></li> </ul>

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Why do miniatures need bases?

The base is a crucial element of every miniature. It has a lot of impact on the miniature’s final appearance. The base is one of the first things that you see when you look at a mini as it sets the theme for the entire model. It is also an opportunity to make the miniature look even more epic. Setting a common theme for all the bases in the entire army can connect the models even if they are otherwise out of sync. All decorative elements of Titan Forge bases are solid so you can drill through them and make room for pins or magnets that will make your miniatures stand strong.

Do Titan Forge bases have a lot of details?

Titan Forge offers a gigantic collection of scenic bases for every landscape, texture, and theme there is. Every set is designed with a specific category in mind. Every surface is filled with decorative elements. Grim scenic bases have graves, crosses, bones, and skulls. City scenic bases include cobblestone, pathways, and lanterns. On battlefield bases, you will find ruins and abandoned weapons and armor. Ancient bases are filled with runes and statues. In the wilderness, there are trees, stumps, mushrooms, and vegetation. We love designing bases and we guarantee that you will find something that suits your army needs.

What basing techniques to use?

In order to achieve the best effect, combining several materials will give a base a natural look - adding gravel, sand, rocks, or even small elements like primed and painted twigs or tea. In order to find the best color scheme for painting, reference the natural landscapes. Start with the brightest colors and move up to the darker ones. For protruding elements consider dry brushing and for depth, you can use shading. For textures, you can also try out wet in wet painting to create abstract surfaces of swirls and smudges. Do not be afraid of converting bases. You can adjust their height or add extra elements. The only limit is your imagination and desire to create outstanding designs.

Where to get scenic square and round bases?

Titan Forge store is the best place to stock up on cheap and high-quality scenic bases. In our offer, you will find square bases, round bases, and oval bases as well as chariot bases, bike bases, and cavalry bases. Titan Forge bases come in all sizes used by wargamers and collectors. Round: round 25mm bases, round 32mm bases, round 40mm bases, round 60mm bases, round 100mm bases, round  125mm bases. Square: square 20x20 bases, square 25x25 bases, square 25x50 bases, square 50x25 bases, square 40x40 bases, square 50x50 bases, square 50x75 bases, square 50x100 bases. Oval: oval 36x60 bases, oval 46x75 bases, oval 52x90 bases, oval 70x105 bases, oval 92x120 bases, oval 105x170 bases.