Yakuza is a futuristic model collection from GridWars. The family has entered the new millennium of technological advancements while maintaining its bloodline principles. Bring them to the Cyber Forge Kickstarter wargame and dominate the grid.

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Is Yakuza a part of GridWars?

Among GridWars factions, there are many interesting choices, with Yakuza being one of them. This sci-fi collection has its roots in the Japanese criminal organization from the current times on Earth. In the world of GridWars, the Yakuza have been evolving through centuries and eventually have made their way to different places and inhabited planets, moons, and asteroids across the universe. The Yakuza is known for its strict code, loyalty to its peers, and hierarchy. In GridWars, the Yakuza is not solely a criminal organization, but rather an influential family that does what it takes to protect its members and partners. Titan Forge has created an entire line of sci-fi Yakuza miniatures for its Cyber Forge releases and GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk hex-bases skirmish wargame.

Are Yakuza miniatures created by Titan Forge?

Sci-fi Yakuza miniatures is an original Titan Forge project, executed primarily through its sister Patreon - Cyber Forge. Yakuza models were featured in multiple releases with more and more gangsters, lowlifes, and Yakuza businessmen joining the ranks. Additional Yakuza minis were created especially for the GridWars Kickstarter campaign. Sculptors from Titan Forge find the Yakuza miniatures very interesting to create, as there are many tropes and interesting weaponry inspired by Asian culture that can be utilized. Street samurai were always an interesting motif in cyberpunk settings but dedicating our work to an entire gang has certainly been an interesting development for the Cyber Forge brand that continues to have its fans.

What miniatures are in the Yakuza collection?

Among the Yakuza miniatures, you will definitely find the warriors using the cold steel. Despite the technological advancements to ranged weapons, and being able to often deal with enemies from a safe distance, there is still an advantage in using the direct approach. When a threat is so imminent, a lot of unpredictable things can happen, so Yakuza warrior miniatures are often portrayed using swords, katanas, mantis blades, or even bare fists. The augmented physique of sci-fi yakuza lets them use old-time weapons with deadly force and sometimes you can even see them using tools with completely futuristic takes like Kimiko’s deadly umbrella. Still, the good old guns are still an effective tool to deal with enemies. In Yakuza, you will also find bikes and walkers as tools of transportation.

Where can I find Yakuza rules for GridWars?

Everything you need to play GridWars is located on GridWars.net. In the Library tab, you will find the Rules section with the complete rulebook from which you can learn the overall mechanics that every faction has to follow. However, in order to browse the Yakuza unis and their unique skills, attacks, and statistics, be sure to visit the Units section. By choosing the Yakuza from the drop-down menu you will narrow the search just to the units you are looking for. The rules for Yakuza units feature a lot of critical strike attacks and abilities that allow them to perform well in direct combat. Their abilities are versatile and do not require a lot of energy, which means that the leftover energy will often be spent on improving the attack rolls. Most Yakuza units do not have a lot of armor, so properly getting the initiative and striking first with a charge from an ambush will always be a good idea.