Xenos, Lord of Ruin

Xenos, Lord of Ruin
  • Xenos, Lord of Ruin
  • Xenos, Lord of Ruin
  • Xenos, Lord of Ruin
  • Xenos, Lord of Ruin

This science fiction set includes all parts required to create Xenos, Lord of Ruin - sci fi skeleton spider robot with staff miniature for Gridwars Cyber Cult army.

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Miniature scale: 32mm 
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This set is dedicated for Gridwars tabletop wargame.


  • Xenos, Lord of Ruin x1
  • Three-Hex Base x1

Build your army and battle with friends.
Check out the free rules on www.thegridwars.net

All our miniatures are supplied unpainted and some require assembly. The painted examples are for inspiration only.

WARNING: This is not a toy! Recommended for ages 14 and over. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.

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Product specification

Miniature scale

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Xenos, Lord of Ruin

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