Human Female Wizard

Human Female Wizard
  • Human Female Wizard
  • Human Female Wizard
  • Human Female Wizard
  • Human Female Wizard

Tabletop RPG fantasy mini - divination expert, spellcaster. Holding a crystal ball focus, this wizardry adept is wearing fur, long cape, and heels. Multiple belts are holding magic ingredients, elixirs, and containers. On her neck, beneath the hood, there is a jewelry amulet with a large gem.

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Miniature scale: 28mm  Class: Wizard  Race: Human 
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This fantasy set includes all parts required to create Human Female Wizard - sorcerer with sphere miniature. This high quality 3D print was designed for tabletop games, roleplaying games and collectors. 


  • Human Female Wizard x1
  • Mystic Base x1
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We print our models using TGM-7 Tabletop Gaming Resin.
This resin was created by Ameralabs in cooperation with Titan Forge to offer the ultimate solution for printing tabletop models.

All our miniatures are supplied unpainted and some require assembly. The painted examples are for inspiration only.

WARNING: This is not a toy! Recommended for ages 14 and over. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.


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Human Female Wizard

€ 8.90

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