Gridwars Dice Set

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Gridwars Dice Set
  • Gridwars Dice Set
  • Gridwars Dice Set
  • Gridwars Dice Set

This set contains 20 high-quality acrylic, engraved, marble dice. Roll through your Gridwars battles!

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Miniature scale: 32mm 
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  • 8x Purple Attack Die
  • 8x Green Defense Die
  • 4x Black D6 Test Die

Gridwars is the newest cyberpunk sci-fi wargaming system printable entirely on your home 3D printer!

Learn the Gridwars rules and get all the unit cards on!

Get the Gridwars Starter set with over 50 miniatures and all accessories here

Enter the world of Gridwars today, build your army and battle with friends!

WARNING: This is not a toy! Recommended for ages 14 and over. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.


Product specification

Miniature scale

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Gridwars Dice Set

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