Armymals board game


Welcome to the world of Armymals. The  greatest leaders of animal kingdom compete for the title of the furry general. Help your team move around an interactive battlefield and pin down the enemies under a heavy fire or outplay them strategically with capturing flags and control points. Master the armymals dice, build your team from 33 unique characters and shuffle the action, skill and mission decks. Finally, set up the game board environment with the high quality miniatures end enjoy the tranquility while it lasts. Soon the Armymals will bring it on!

45 miutes gameplay 

2-4 players. 

Box Content :

33 Animal Cards

60 Action Cards

66 Skill Cards

26 Mission Cars

6 Action Dices

8 Tank Models

166 Tokens​

31 Terrain models

2-Sided Game Board

Models in the box are unpainted.