Drakskull on Throne of Death

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This resin set contains enough parts to make one Drakskull on Throne of Death model:

- Drakskull's body

- Drakskull's head

- Drakskull's cloak

- Drakskull's right hand with chalice

- Drakskull's left hand

- Drakskull's right shoulderpad

- Drakskull's left shoulderpad

- Drakskull's buckle

- Drakskull's throne (2 parts)

- Necromancer

- Goblin Cannibal

- Cage with slave

- Top of the cage

- Slab of the throne

- Ghost Giant's legs

- Ghost Giant's body

- Ghost Giant's left hand

- Ghost Giant's right hand

- Ghost Giant's head

- Ghost Giant's tusks x2

- Heads for the base

- Scenic base

Master model sculpted by Sławomir Kościukiewicz. Painted by Jakub Sosinowicz.

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