Well, at the moment we do not recieve too many questions, but before you ask one, please read those few points below – maybe you will find the answer even before you ask us!
Q1. What are Titan-Forge models made of and how do I work with it?
A1. All our models are made of resin, a castable synthetic plastic-type material. It is ideally suited for casting a highly detailed, finest quality models. All our models are profesionally hand casted.

Before packing and sending our models to our clients we try to clean them up from excess resin that comes out with the model after casting, but note that as with all model kits, some cleaning up will be required before putting together and painting. Some areas of the models will need to be filed or sanded etc.

Q2. Can I order products from you if I live far far away in a place you didn't even hear of?
A2. Sure, it's not a problem. Of course, you have to be aware that sometimes it may take longer for your order to arrive.

Q3. What payment methods do you accept
A3. We are accepting wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard credit cards, Paypal and some other, more local bank cards.

Q4. Can I order parts of your kits separately?
A4. Not all of them, but sometimes yes. The only condition is that you have to order no less than 10 parts of one kind.

Q5. What are those points mentioned on product page and in other places of the page?
A5. Those points are called forge points. You can earn them by buying our products, participating in contests or just because you are a great fan and you support Titan-forge. Those points can be spent during checkout while making your order. Each point equals 0,01 € (points are recounted in other currencies). So mainly they just give you free stuff!