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Winter is coming

26 November 2013
The madness and beards follows!

Another year has passed

14 January 2013
Who knows what future will bring? Well, we do!

The countdown begins! Second wave incoming!

10 January 2013
Drakskulls reinforcements will arrive on 21 January, and they are led by long awaited Undead Wyvern!

Drakskulls horde finally unleashed...

04 January 2013
Whole new product range hit our webshop!

Spread the word brothers and sisters!

23 November 2012
Help Titan Forge grow and get yourself a free miniature!

Strike while the iron is hot!

09 September 2012
At last, we managed to find some time to update our blog. Last post is from last Christmas and we are not proud of it. Time to catch up!
Strike while the iron is hot!

Jingle bells, cannon yells!

19 December 2011
Some time has passed since we announced our „review cooperation program” and we are very happy of the big response that you gave us...
Jingle bells, cannon yells!
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