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We are the Titans and we want to shake the ground beneath your feet...

Hey! Titan-forge is a polish based sculpting/casting/inspired-and-head-blown company.  

Starting right now, on August 2011, we aim for only one goal - to deliver the finest quality resin cast miniatures and upgrade packs for wargamers, painters, collectors...
all hobbyists around the realm! At the moment we are focused on building our product base, balancing our website and...starting the forges! 

We hope that your experience with Titan-forge will be as great as it is for us! 

Here are our humble (but still titanic!) team members:

Romek Łakomiak: 

Has more miniatures than you all do...mostly because he is a casting enthusiast and cloning miniatures is his second nature. Loves fast girls and slow cars.

Sławek Kościukiewicz:

Probably the most handsome sculptor in our pack (well, he is the only one but nevermind). Gifted talent in many ways. At the moment, all things spawned in our forge are being born in his hands.

Jędrek Wiliński:
Throws the best jokes that only he laughs at. Takes care of everything that goes out to the web, print and chicken salad.

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